Autism in children

P1120558Can we talk about autism? There’s an increase in this diagnosis and we wonder what causes this. Is there a connection with immunization, is it in vitro, environmental, allergies, or…?

It is yes to all of that. It is yes to the fact that there is greater awareness to certain conditions. You will see this less and less where societies have not the time or the energy to recognize. It is not all just one thing, it is many things.

The disturbance in the young increasing shows you that your physical world is having difficulties. When the offspring become distorted in any way… although you see that this is not always a negative, it is an opportunity to learn, to grow. I think it interesting that those who find comfort in a label or a box and those that find the need to break away from this shows the place where they are in their physical evolution.

Not one of you is the same as the other. You are all individual. You all learn and grow at the rate of your own being. This was much more accepted but those that had greater difficulties were ostracized thus their condition never balanced but became worsened by their condition.

All beings have a spirit or a soul as you might call it. And to that you must all speak and never deny it. For that soul hears and grows, even when you might think the condition is not so, it is. For there is only growth in the spirit, otherwise they leave the body. Where the body is alive there is growth.

Oh you do dwell in a time when it is so important to analyze, dissect, and not accept. There are many forms of this. Autism is not a plague. Try to release the word. They are in their own world because they had to choose that, but they can be brought out of it. Love, speaking, music, touch… find the form of communication to reach the depths of the soul and you shall bring them out.

What do you mean when you say they are there because they had to choose that?

It was what was available to them in the physical world. You enter into the physical world through the means of the physical body, and the spirit while in utero or at birth or in early years sees what the physical world is offering as a means to grow and experience and fulfill their promises. If the body seems closed down they must find other ways. They will stimulate their physical bodies sometimes in hopes of trying to find a form of communication. It is believed that they want to cut themselves off from the world but that is not true. They are often very sensitive to it but cannot find a way, a method to speak.

Are autistic children connected with their own guides?

You all are connected with your own guides. They are not so separate and different. They are just seen as being separate and different in the physical domain. They are beautiful bright lights, as all beings are. Mostly these are very evolved beings.

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