AJ writes:

Can I please know more about my guide/s;  who are they (if more than one) and is one of them currently the “Guide From The Light”? How do they communicate with me?


The guide’s reponse:

Yes, you have many entities of the light with you.  That is why you seek this form.  It is I, I am one with you.  Entities wish to be with you, who chose this time because you are going to do some amazing things, blessed one. Don’t think that there are others greater than you.

You are a being of the light yourself, my child.  You have been in times of great upheaval and have come again to be in another such time.  I am on purpose not telling you exactly what, for I don’t want you to focus on that.  I want you to focus on you.

You have a great spirit, or soul, or energy, or whatever you wish to call it and it reaches to the light, the truth, to help others.  But take one step before the others, dearest.  Small steps, you might think, but don’t be impatient.  I know you want to move quickly now but those steps are very important for it plays to the strength that you will see in time.

At hand, is the light and love that you are. Trust.