At a crossroads in a relationship

Serendipity is at a crossroads in her life path.  She writes, “My partner and I have had major problems for over 15 years but I keep hanging in there because I feel that things will get better or I am too scared to make all the bill payments on my own and it goes on and on. I want to live and have an adventure again in my life but once again I have horses, donkeys, 2 wonderful dogs and I need to be in the place that I am living and he will not leave. I don’t get it because the Universe has been there for me for so many different occasions and situations other than my relationship.

I believe in the Universe for direction in everything but I just don’t seem to get answers for this relationship situation that I am in. I just don’t get it? Why will he not either change and work at the relationship or move on. I just plain do not know what to do.  Universe show me the path that will give me an adventure and freedom. I feel extremely held hostage in this relationship now. I want love and freedom. Please give me some answers and some hope. Thank you.

Blessed one, who is holding you hostage, but yourself?  You are choosing to not move forward.  You know you are in a place that is unhealthy for you.  And this is why you have thought of freedom.  Survival, free will – these are the things that are knocking at your door and you are the one not answering.  You cannot make another person create a new path for you.  Only you can do that, my dearest.  Fear is your biggest enemy.  Be clear on what it is you want.  Take time now.  Don’t make a choice out of fear, or anger or– well, for survival.  Beings, when they choose not to move forward, will create openings to leave a path.  Create the opening with the physical world to stay within it and to move into a time of light and happiness for yourself.  This doesn’t mean you will leave the relationship.  It means you will become who you are.  Get to know yourself.  Understand why your choices are so.  Understand the expectations of yourself.  Love yourself my child.

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