Anonymous writes:

A position on the Island has opened up with the company that I currently work for. I am wondering if it is in my highest good to apply for this position and move. I am also wondering if I were to apply if it is for the highest good for my boyfriend to move with me to the Island or should I stay in this area and continue to work for the company here?

The guide’s response:

Dearest one, you’re very unsure of your relationship with your boyfriend.  You’re unsure of many things and so you are actually trying to rock the boat, to see if he will stabilize it.  Dearest one, it is very important for you to make yourself at peace and happy.  The company you work for can be there or on the island.  But in truth what you want to know is:  Will I have a strong and steady relationship?  Is there a future for this?  Dare I ask for more?

Blessed one, you can ask for more.  You can ask for what you need.  But be prepared to hear or not hear–and understand why.  You must take care of your own being at this time.  Choose for yourself and your growth.  You’ve sacrificed many things; do not sacrifice your own path, your own growth.  Your light is radiant and beautiful.

Are you strong enough to stand and ask for that that you need?  Do you fear it my child?  Be—and you shall grow, and you shall know.