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Barbara writes, “I have been told many times that I am a very old soul and that I come from a group of very strong women. I’m curious who my guides are. Can you tell me? While I realize that I am the one having to make the choices in my life, can I ask my guides to show me the way?

I am feeling very overwhelmed in my life right now and suspect that there are changes about to come in my life, decisions that I have to make. Will this feeling of confusion and lack of motivation come to an end soon? I just want to get on with my life in a positive and happy way. Do you see new people coming into my life making changes in my life as well? Thanks you for any insight you can give me.”

Yes.  You are a very old soul and that doesn’t mean you are a very, happy old soul.  It doesn’t seem to be one and the same.  Evolved beings take life very seriously because they know all its nuances and wonderful ways of moving, changing and growing.  Yes, you have got some amazingly strong entities around you.  One of which was a most amazing school teacher, one of which was a scientist and one of which was a geologist.  So, take your pick because you have a great group that can help you.  Yes you can ask any question of them.  Then wait and patient.  Don’t expect a response right away or the answer to be written on a blackboard.  But it will come and they will help you.  Be still and be quiet and do not try to control it too much.

I know you always had to be in control but now it is limiting you for the joy that is there for you.  Yes, new people will come into your life.  Stop fighting with the old ones.  You’ve changed, you’ve grown and this is not a negative thing.  You are a blessed being and you are doing very well.   The feeling of frustration, listen to it.  If you feel like don’t doing anything, then it is a sign that you should not be doing anything.

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