Seeking guidance about abortion and adoption

ButterflyCould you give information about abortion and adoption? My boyfriend and I did give up a boy for adoption (we have contact with him once a year and receive photos every four month). We truly tried our best during pregnancy and birth to surround the unborn soul with love and light despite the troubles that we faced at that time. It felt like it was in a way meant to be. An experience shared amongst the three of us.

The little one is a very happy boy and fortunate to grow up with caring substitute parents who have money, time and lots of love for him. It was always perfectly clear to us that he is their child because they share their daily life with him and educate him and everything. Still l feel a deep connection on a deep level of my heart and being. I know this soul since a long time I think.

In general, what happens in case of abortion? I didn’t decide for it because it felt like fate to get him unto earth. But I was thinking about it and first hoped the child would leave me within the first weeks of pregnancy. Why do unwanted pregnancies happen and why can’t the mother just ask the soul to leave and come again later? While others like the parents of my son cannot get children of their own.  Why is it so complicated?

What lessons are there to learn? Is there a certain part of chance involved which is an inherent part of life on earth? Like not everything is planned or not everything turns out as planned in the spiritual because there are surprises in the physical universe due to chaotic influences. I was always told that I would once have a lovely son. During pregnancy everybody thought he was a she. Thus I thought, ok, I am just a conduit for someone else’s baby, doing a good deed for a couple who cannot conceive themselves.  But turned out differently, he is ‘my’ boy, which is fine, everything is for experiencing and learning. I am not suffering, I feel love and humour. So I would like to ask the guides for their opinion in general about the topic of unwanted pregnancies and different outcomes of such a situation. Thank you very much.

Oh my goodness, my dearest one, and each of these questions are varied and different to each entity who asks them.  Why a being doesn’t have a child can have so many different answers.  It could be a physical block.  It could be a spiritual decision.  Firstly, let me speak to you. Blessed mother, it is a wonderful gift to give a life whether that life stays with you for a time, or moves into another path.  The gift of giving life in the physical world is an amazing one and you will always be a mother.  You will always care for that child and other children for you have opened those channels to allow the love and light of a being and their growth to come through you.

It is a very simple and yet a very complex answer, blessed one, to each you ask it, to each you must grow; the choices they make, the effect it has on their growth.  Every being has choices and their choices are there and for their growth alone.  For some it might be positive, for some you might think negative, but if growth occurs it is positive.

There are beings that make these choices to come through others and if an abortion is chosen it does not hurt the being.  That is only physical cells that are not used and the opportunity will be open still.

That being may, if they need to be with the woman they were going to be born to, come through another way, through another channel.  Nothing is ever lost in spirit, blessed one.  It is not murder, it is choice.  It is not negative or positive, it is choice. It creates the opportunity for growth either way.

Dearest one, there is no great book of condemnation, or rules. There is love and light and you know of this.  You fear you will never again channel through a being.  Be not so sure of this. Open your heart as you always have.  Judge not yourself.  Love yourself, blessed one, for you have given a great gift to these beings; a gift that they are truly thankful for and so is your child.

Your child will one day come to you so wonderful and so thankful.  You have not lost.  You have gained a multicity that you have no idea about.  Bless you my child.

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  1. Steph September 10, 2014 at 8:20 pm - Reply

    Your channeled message is a great present for me. Thanks to you and to the spiritual world for these warm and helpful words!

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