Anni writes:   

I would like to ask a pretty direct question: What do you see me do as a profession within the next 3 months?

The guide’s response:

My dearest, none of the professions you will be doing will be happening in the next three months.  Because my dearest, you have not decided what you want to do yet.  There are so many dimensions to you.  You could sing, you could perform, you could take on healing.  Or you could go “middle of the road”—something that your brain would never be happy with.  But you see my dear, it’s not about asking spirit, it’s about asking yourself.  What do you want to do?  How could you show the world what you believe in?  What would you manifest?

You’re a very creative being.  I trust you will know what to do.  But don’t expect to find it in the next few months.  Bless you, my child.