As you breathe you connect with all

Waronadipose writes:

I was raised Christian and still, as far as religions go, this is still the one that I resonate with. However, I truly feel that there is more and right now I am seeking what that may be and what else rings true for me. Currently, I am wondering what the purpose of prayer is if we have all made decisions about certain things before we came here. In the denomination of Christianity that I grew up in, there is the phenomenon of speaking in tongues, which I like to believe is your spirit’s prayer language. I know this to be a real thing and I am confused as to the purpose. This seems to be something only Christians experience and believe in. Why is this?

The guide’s response:

Bless you child, for seeking her truth.  Bless you for questioning.  Bless you for seeing and witnessing all that is around you and not being afraid to ask the questions, for this path, the willingness path to understanding your own truth.

It matters not what religious sign you stand under.  Spirit will speak in tongues where there is fear of speaking words that are understood.  These beings stand in the energy of spiritual power, but fear if they spoke the words that they would be condemned.  For it is written in many of the books that if you speak, or have a knowing of God through your own self, that this is blasphemy.  There is only one communion with God, for God lives within and without.  It is the energy that holds you to your place.  It is the energy that moves you through your path of growth.   A prayer, to commune with God be it through your heart, through your body, and knowing that what you are doing is directing the positive energies forward.

There is an understanding in many religions that God, physically, looks like you do.  You are created in the image of God, yes, your spirit, the light, the bright, the wonderful energy that creates your body to work in this world of your physical learning.  It is not a man in a physical form, or a woman in a physical form, but both in a spirit form, the land of your trees, the land of your water.  No religion is wrong, they have a partial understanding.  Bless you my child for seeking your truth.

And do not be afraid if it isn’t completely clear, but if a feeling of peace comes over your heart, but trusting in not having the conscious answers but a deep knowing that as you breathe, you connect with all.  This is your truth.  That you know what is right for your being, for it speaks to you very clearly, right and wrong.  The direction you take must be yours and it shall be blessed.

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    Why is my relationship with my brother so strained? I love him very much, but feel anxious and find it difficult to speak to him. We were once close but now I just seem to irritate and annoy him. He says I over analyse, and he is a very ‘closed’ person. Can I do anything to improve things? Also is he happy and are there positive changes coming for him soon?

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