Suzanne has asked how to be strong and brave. She has upcoming dental work and she is very anxious about it. She asks if there are any tools that can help her cope with this.

My dear little omnipotent one–you cannot hold the world up forever. It is not yours to hold up. You must be responsible only for your own actions. And a lot of your fears come from a very early start when you felt you had to keep everyone in balance. As to fear of dental work, it’s not an uncommon thing. Anyone intruding in your private energy can cause some discord. Just trust that you would be drawn to a being who very much is capable of helping you. That this is a positive thing and that you in the long run will be healthier and stronger for it. See it as an act of wonderful wisdom on your part, for helping you. These amazing technologies that have developed in this world, you mustn’t deny them. They have great strength to enable you to fulfill that that you have come to do.

As to anxiety, face it full on. And know that there are people who are afraid to come to you, but you sooth them as this one will sooth you. Be in peace my child, be not afraid. Embrace it and be that that you are.

Thank you.