ghostI was wondering if we ever need to have an experience not going directly to the light after we die?  If we need to experience all aspects of life, being a ghost or being lost in between lifetimes do we need to experience this at some point?

You need to experience all things in the physical world and frustration and limitation is of course part of that.  But what you speak of are those that pass through and transform from their physical domain, their bodies, into spirit and they are not conscious of this act.  And they remain lost within a time frame and keep repeating over and over again that one issue that they never resolved.

And there are some just out of their free will they are not going any farther because they were so miserable in the lifetime they decide they need to be miserable forever.  Gentle laughter.  I do believe those are the most difficult.   We have a terrible time trying to let them see that there is no need for this activity any more.

But you don’t have to darling, no.  You can live your many, many experiences and grow beautifully while dwelling in the body.  Once you transform of the body, you truly fly like a bird.  Never be afraid or angry at those that are stuck in the place of no growth.  They just  simply don’t realize that it is for their own good to embrace movement, light and love for themselves they can free all that they need to do and move forward.

Although I do believe that there are many in your world right now that are so fascinated by those poor darlings that are so stuck. They love to be frightened and love to have things that go bump in the dark.

Don’t you think that is quite interesting?  I would assume it was an innate desire to get the adrenaline flowing through the body…adrenaline junkies is the best name for them.  But adrenaline can be quite hard on the body.

I have enjoyed this so much.