An excerpt from a 1986 Circles gathering

TreesFirst Guide – How pleasant, how wondrous.  We only speak to you to aid you on your path.  Yes, each of you on your own path, separate and different.  You are all very special.  As you evolve, this I speak of your energy, your spirit, its vibration becomes stronger yet it will feel milder.  You have lived many lives, each of you unless you have arrived at the point of that which we call developing your spirituality.  I believe you should call it being whole.  For you are not whole until you are whole with your spirit and your body.  They are one, yet separate.  It is your soul’s container that body that you dwell in.   I recall one body I had.  It was not lovely, but it served the purpose of learning and this vehicle or container does this for you.  It is not just the spirit we are concerned with, also your bodies.  There is another who wishes to speak of other things.

Second Guide – Greetings.  Bless you one and all.  I am a friend, an entity that has dwelt upon your plane a great deal of time past.

What is the Age of Aquarius?

There have certainly been enough books written about this age.  But I will tell you, my child, that again, they were written by man. The Age of Aquarius is another phrase.  Your entire sphere is coming into a time of awakening, some slower than others, but it has come.

Some feel much ado about nothing.  Perhaps there is some truth in this.  For it is the evolving that man will have no more heroes for he himself must be the hero, or she.  We have not sexes in this form, but I do recall.

Until the entities upon this plane realize there are no heroes, there will be a time of waiting for soon there is to be a turning over where many from this plane shall evolve.  It is a complex thing this need of a hero, this need to follow.  It is not until you realize there is no one to follow, but to do and to be that which you are.  It is this reason why we have chosen to speak through some before it is felt.  Often there is a confusion on what to do, what is it you search for.  You search for that that you are.  You will find it not within yourself.  This is confusing.  You will find it through others for you see yourself through others.

Can you tell us how we are connected with you?

I am one who comes to you from the light and it is the word “job” is similar but not exact.  But it is the job of many of us to aid, to visit.

I lived in a time of great turmoil.  Your plane has evolved from this time.  And we are pleased with that, but there are other fears upon your plane that you must release.  For fear is an uncontrolled vibration that can do only harm to yourself. Yes, it can do harm to others too, but mostly to yourself.  The vibration of fear is irregular and your entities have evolved to a place where fear can cause destruction of some of your vibrations.

Your vibration, your energy, you are a beautiful light within each of you, that which is your soul, your energy, your vibration, so many words upon this plane.  And even in the passing of your time the words mean different things. Another wishes to speak.  (Donna will post this next guide’s message in the next day or two).

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