An evening of interaction with spirit guides

Jane and Joanna are are very pleased to announce a special evening presentation in Victoria BC on October 23—Dialogue with Spirit Guides.

After many years of giving individual sessions, Jane now feels ready to channel for a larger audience. We have been looking for ways to expand the ways that guidance from the guides can be shared. This blog was one avenue; now we are opening to another. We have booked a 300 seat theatre and are inviting people to particpate by being present with us as Jane channels the guides. People in the audience will be invited to ask direct questions of the guides that come through.

If you’re interested in details about tickets, click on the poster to enlarge it. We are looking forward to a fascinating and informative evening in the presence of these beings from the light.

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  1. Anonymous October 24, 2009 at 9:59 am - Reply

    Oct. 24/09Jane and Joanna,Thankyou so much again for the opportunity to experience your gifts and to speak with the guides in a large gathering such last evening. I was sorry I had to leave quickly as my niece was driving back to Duncan that night. I might say she really enjoyed the evening. Concratulations! The evening was a success.I am interested in the CD that was recorded at the event providing it is easy to hear. I am also interested in becoming a part of a group of like minded individuals if you hear of one, perhaps you could let me know. Thankyou again, D McDowell

  2. ALIDA November 27, 2009 at 7:33 am - Reply

    My spirit guide, one feather , is at times very easy to walk up to in my dreams and to speak to him and other times I see him from a distance such as across a stream and I can not get any closer.I can still hear him just as clearly but why the distance?He is wonderfully strong and when I am close to him I awaken with alot of energy and I want him close all the time.Is there a reason for the distance?Is it possible to get too much energy from a spirit guide?

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