The Good Cook writes:

There are major changes occurring in my life right now. New beginnings, letting go of the past. My question: am I making the right choices and will I find happiness, love and peace in the future?

The guide’s response:

Oh blessed one, yes, yes.  Yes, you are making the right choices.  You are moving forward.  It is true you’ve had great loss and pain and you have embraced it and been very grateful for all you’ve been through, even the pain.  For it has truly helped you to grow.   That you see love as a wonderful element of this physical world, that it moves you through even the most painful times.  Know that it is never meant to be held in one place, but to move you to the next. And that’s what you’re a little afraid of, because you know that step is there.

And in all your writing and your working and your reaching out to others you have taught so many.  And you will continue to do so.  You will show them that there is a wonderful experience ahead.  It may have to be experienced before you see how wonderful it is.  But there always is, when you have evolved as you have, my blessed one.  You have chosen to grow.

All is good ahead of you, my dear.  All is good: business, love, family.  All is good.  Bless you my child.  Bless you for seeking.  Bless you for being.