Advice for one who is feeling alone

Maurice writes, “I feel very lonely! I don’t know why, because I’m not living alone, but I feel that, there’s nobody for me in this world. I would like to know if I will find someone soon.”

Oh dearest, sometimes the familiar can even be a painful place to stay in.  But what you are identifying is a not very comfortable, not very soothing place to be at.  So take small steps, blessed one, sharing with others what you want, who you be.  Dearest, you are a great one to listen to everybody else’s story but you never, ever speak of yours.  You think, well, no one is interested.  You kind of let them think that.  Why not share with them the amazing being that you are?  Why don’t you tell them how you feel and think?  You’d be surprised at who wants to cuddle up next to you.  There is someone, dearest, but you have firstly find out who you are and start liking that being.  Don’t hide.  Open up dearest one for you are an amazing being.

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  1. Anni October 2, 2010 at 9:19 am - Reply

    Thank you beloved beings for doing this out of your hearts. We are so blessed having your guidance and healing comments.

    I am just wondering if my spirit guides have a message for me. I am about embarking on a great project in regards of affordable housing and I am wondering if it is guided for the highest good. And my work contract is up in December, what will I be doing after that?
    Love, Anni

  2. Omaloma October 2, 2010 at 9:53 am - Reply

    Two life changing events have happened within the last month, the most recent on Wed. Sept 29/10. I am trying very hard to stay present and positive, but feel like I have lost my purpose in life….will my life take on a new meaning again? will someone come into my life, (after I have “cleaned up my inner life, in counselling and seeing life coach) loneliness is such an insidous monster!

  3. Bobo October 3, 2010 at 10:39 am - Reply

    How can i feel so unworthy all the time?I go out into the world and open my heart to all beings,from the insects,animals and trees to the little ones,the familiar ones and many many strangers who dont really like it when you open your heart to them!there must be a bit of a good guy in me at many people dont like me but i stay open and move forward,i feel deep hurt inside but would never blame it on anybody else…i am not lost in a maze..i know this is part of my path…i have observed there is definite growth from pain,and from it comes true compassion…but i never thought i could be so worthless,it is becoming more intense all the time…when i was younger i entertained many addictions that led me into some dark places,is this what has damaged me so deeply?if it is i would like to help others who are battling with some of the same takes alot of healing and patience to come back from these things and we dont realize what we be doing!i am forever grateful to any words you may pass on

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