It’s Me 11 writes:

Thank you so much guides and ladies for all the great advice. I really needed it especially at a time like this. I appreciate it so much and hopefully I can make myself a better person. All I want is to be happy. I just don’t know how to be because I can’t figure myself out. I sometimes feel alone and I often feel misunderstood. I feel out of place and sometimes I feel excluded and almost invisible. I feel like sometimes people are walking in and out of my life and that I don’t know how to maintain or build relationships. What is wrong?

The guide’s response:

Why would you assume that this is a wrong state to be in?  Why is it thought that perhaps having a moment to truly examine who you are and where you be is negative? Your being is a very evolved being. It is a fact that you will not always have a lot of friends or find it easy to be with others. You feel that light chit chat is often just a nuisance and not something you want to partake in.    But do not judge yourself so harshly.  Be that amazing being you are. 

I know it is said in your world to love one’s self is dismissed as rather egotistical or self centred.   But loving one’s self is honouring.  It is not about adoring or putting one’s self in a position of higher rank.  It is about allowing the armour to release and the radiance of who you be to become expansive.  This is what you need to do, and a like energy will come and be present with you.  It may not be a relationship of nonsense, but one of truth. That is what you yearn for. 

Don’t try to fit a mould that society has created as the right mould. Fit to your own being, the mould you created to  hold you.  You live, you’ve come to be present into a world that is quite chaotic.  New souls often need the fancy gadgets and the talk in ways that are not interesting to you. And the great evolved beings might seem few and far between but you have truly never tried to be amongst them.  So let go and seek out like minded to find that.  Be not afraid to go even if you feel somewhat alone at first, you are not. Trust.