Ann-Marie says, “I am at a crossroads in my life; I need help and guidance to move forward.”

Dearest one, I understand what you speak, for wherever there is choice there is a crossroad.  Know the love that you have and understand the intent.  For you have not been conveying your true intent and this is what causes you confusion.  Is it too late to speak it?  Never.  Before you speak forward in that direction, speak the love and gentleness of your true intent, that that lies within the deepest need of your caring.
Speak of how lonely you have been feeling and you, in the reflection of your work, you will know the choice you need to make.

Dearest one, I know you want an answer of turn right, then left and three blocks and there shall be the pot of happiness.  But I will tell you that the map lies deep within your being, in your promises, in your decision to come and experience this lifetime.  Your path is yours, full of the richest of the richest, the learning.  For there is nothing more powerful in the physical world than learning, than growing.  With each act of learning the vibration within you heightens and you become more magnificent, hallelujah.