I have a question here from Becky. This is about her daughter who has a heart condition and wants to go back to Europe and travel. The mother is concerned and asks if this idea is in her best interests health-wise. The doctors have said that at some point she will need a new valve and Becky wonders if she will have any heart issues while traveling. The mother is worrying about her daughter.

Yes. Dynamics between the mother and daughter are quite volatile. It is important that this mother realize that she has raised a strong, radiant, beautiful being who can very well stand on her own two feet and make choices for her own health and wellbeing. This bright spirit needs to see the world and isn’t afraid. So the mother must not be afraid either. There are many places in your amazing dimension that can help, should she need it. That she feels strong within herself. (And in truth my dear there are many beings walking about with squeaky valves.) But with the radiance of light and love and the pursuit of the wish that is met, it will hold strong.

Tell this blessed mother she will not be gone forever, that she will be close to her. Truly the limitations of the flesh make you think that you are separated, but you are one with this daughter. Know this.  Thank you blessed mother.