Advice for a mother concerned about her daughter’s health

I have a question here from Becky. This is about her daughter who has a heart condition and wants to go back to Europe and travel. The mother is concerned and asks if this idea is in her best interests health-wise. The doctors have said that at some point she will need a new valve and Becky wonders if she will have any heart issues while traveling. The mother is worrying about her daughter.

Yes. Dynamics between the mother and daughter are quite volatile. It is important that this mother realize that she has raised a strong, radiant, beautiful being who can very well stand on her own two feet and make choices for her own health and wellbeing. This bright spirit needs to see the world and isn’t afraid. So the mother must not be afraid either. There are many places in your amazing dimension that can help, should she need it. That she feels strong within herself. (And in truth my dear there are many beings walking about with squeaky valves.) But with the radiance of light and love and the pursuit of the wish that is met, it will hold strong.

Tell this blessed mother she will not be gone forever, that she will be close to her. Truly the limitations of the flesh make you think that you are separated, but you are one with this daughter. Know this.  Thank you blessed mother.

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  1. brooke July 25, 2009 at 11:48 pm - Reply

    In feb I met my current boyfriend out at a bar. I was completely sober and I felt… Different that night. I turned around to face the bar and saw Jason. With the quickest glance I felt like I knew him. I turned back around and then realized there was something about him. He was standing alone and to everyone else he probably looked out of place and uncomfortable but somehow I knew he wasn’t. When I looked at him the second time I just starred in his eyes and he looked back at me like I was someone he had always known. I knew I was going to talk to him, so I did. I asked him if I could have a sip of his drink so that I could take my medicine and he just handed it to me without a word. We didn’t need to talk. It was like we already knew each others thoughts. After that we danced the night away. And the next day we saw each other again. The bar we were at was 30 min from my house and it didn’t surprise me when he said he lives down the road from me. For two months we stayed friends. Talking here and there. We both did our own thing. He stayed on my mind though and all I could tell my roommate was that there is just something about him. She would poke fun and tell me he is weird and I would tell her I don’t like him… I am genuinly interested in who he is. In April we began dating. It’s a hard thing to describe but our relationship is so… Dementional? I feel like I gave birth to him… And I have a motherly love for him and at the same time he keeps me grounded like a father. He has this energy when I am around him that makes all my thoughts go away. It’s a feeling of ” everything is going to be alright” it’s comforting. It feels like nothing can touch us, we are so strong together. We don’t argue, we don’t question anything… We just do it. And we both just know that this isn’t something people come across everyday. I’m wondering what this is called. Is this a soul mate? Is it someone from a past life? It feels like we are one person.

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