Advice for a grieving mother

Grieving mother writes, “Could my spirit guides give me information that may be provided to the police in order that charges can be laid against the perpetrator responsible for my daughter’s murder?”

Firstly, blessed mother, there is no blame.   Know that the child is with you and loves you and wants you to find joy again.  She was a difficult child at times and asks that you forgive all that was and all that is and just love.  There has been a lot of torment in this blessed mother’s life.  Guilt does not belong here.  It does not belong in any part.  Choices create growth. You have made choices, blessed mother.  Accept this, it is your growth and it is good.  As to all that has occurred on your path, the loss of this amazing bright being, the deep pain in your heart that there wasn’t time to say what was wanted–say it, it can be heard.  The bond with this child is stronger now than ever and when you feel her close, that is truth.

There are three entities that know exactly what has occurred. It is not a mistake, as is believed.  There was such jealousy and anger.  I cannot give you the exact names of these beings, blessed one, for it would take from the growth that is at hand in your world.  And this is very much part of her promise, your blessed child, to allow it to unfold.  I understand your frustrations.  And, it is truthful they have not given the attention and the time.  They must not doubt the intelligence of a certain young man.   It was well thought out.  But there are three beings that, in time, will weaken and will speak for they know what they have done and it weighs heavy upon their beings.  For even very new souls when they make a choice in the physical world that perhaps they do not have the depth to understand all of their choices.  They learned quickly and it is known and they fear greatly.

The father of this child raves and rants and fears.  You are afraid of this being, dearest, but don’t be.  He does not know how to put his energies forward.  I want you to choose to heal your being, to find peace. It won’t be through those answers.  But it will be through the communication you will have with your gentle, dearest child. Speak it.  I know many have words of ranting and raving and stamping of feet with tears and noise.  Sit quietly.  Speak of your love for her, that you are and will always be a being of love. Know that giving her the body, the opportunity of life and growth, was a gift that she is thankful for.  She loves you dearly and is grateful for your allowing her the promises she came to do, this being part of it.  You may not understand, blessed one, but allow it.  Find joy again, mother.  Find that wild, free spirit that you taught her to be. Find this as part of you again.

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  1. Grieving Mother August 26, 2010 at 11:08 pm - Reply

    Thank you very much for responding to my question. I’m unsure of what direction to take in many aspects of my life, can my spirit guides provide me with some answers concerning my financial security, career, moving, caring for my elderly parents.

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