Advice about financial independence

Mary says she is needing financial independence and is not sure what route to follow. She asks, “Would it be a good choice to go into business with my ex-partner? I had been thinking to not go to University but perhaps I am wrong here. Any help/direction would be very much appreciated. Thank you.”
There is a reason that beings are called ex.  It usually should be a symbol of  “do not go there.”  It isn’t that you couldn’t work with this one, but there are too many incomplete difficulties and you have grown past this.   It would cause a great deal of stress for you. You need to get going with the business.  You need to stop thinking about it.  You need to put it together and do it.  You have great creative ability to do all of it and the money will follow. You could certainly get other investors. You know if you ask it from the ex you will just be owing this one all the more. And that never did fit well by you.
Do you not understand, dearest one, what you are battling against?  It is control.  And yet you are limiting yourself.  You are controlling your being too much by worrying about each step.  Open up.  Talk to those that will listen about this and they will direct you. Trust, my dearest.  You have all of the ability.



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