Addressing an itchy skin condition

skinRose – What is causing my rash and itch and how do I heal this?

Well, my dear, you could try many things.  Mostly, the most important one, is that you had a previous existence where you left that physical world with a terrible skin problem. And now you have come to that time of age, where there are certain keys to bring forth memories from that time.

You see, my dearest, your vibrational code is the sum-total of all of your experiences and they are all still alive and active.  It perhaps doesn’t make sense in your physical world, but it makes sense in your spiritual energy, for you to have this reminder that you are greater than this.

But your conscious mind will want to put a label on it. That is the dichotomy of living in a body with a spirit that are of very different ages.  So, take long, deep, wondrous baths with  magnesium; Epsom salts you call them, 20 minutes, not too warm, relax.

Ingest magnesium, for your body is completely out of balance and needs it greatly.  As well, as certain B vitamins; take not in pill form, but ingest with happiness.  You do not have great digestive abilities right now and your liver is trying to detox, thus the skin.  The liver and the skin are very closely associated.   Drink lots of water and have things that have lots of water in them such as celery, cucumber, things of this nature.

You could put ointments on it, but it is best to just leave it.  Instead of scratching the itch you can massage; massage around it. You see, the itch is telling you that it needs circulation, fresh blood. And allow your body to perspire to sauna, sweat. These things are very good at releasing toxins and relax.  The magnesium will help with this.  Bless you, my child.

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