Gathering strength when one is exhausted

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I am concerned about my tired, lethargic state. It takes me forever to wake up and on the weekends, I find I have nothing left in me. I would love to be active and exercise again. I’m clearly not absorbing iron. How can I heal this? Your iron levels are low. You need to eat [...]

If you want to be free of the pain you must listen to it

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A guide speaks about knee pain I have been diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis of the right knee, but in the past few years I have not experienced too much pain or difficulties, except for a gradual reduction in my distance walking. Now, however my knee is becoming more and more painful and I am also [...]

Absorbing minerals after exercise

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After running do I need to replace any minerals, and is it safe to ingest these supplements in pill form, or must they come from food sources? Guide – Of course the most wonderful way to get minerals is from that that you eat. But you’re not about to eat bits of dirt and the [...]


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