From a conversation with a spirit guide at our recent Vancouver event

Can you tell us about who you are?

I be a being that once dwelt in the physical form.  I no longer have a body.  I no longer need to learn in the physical world.  I have long since needed name or form, but I assure you I still evolve from the physical dimension.  Your world you create that that you need to grow, to learn, to evolve.  There are many of us doing the same, but we now evolve through you.

How is it that you evolve through us?

As you grow, we grow.  As your vibration heightens so does it of those that are with you.  It matters not to know of this.  You have a vibrational code as you have a physical, genetic code.  You vibrate to the rate of your evolution, the amount you have grown with wisdom.  As you grow and choose and move through your path, those that are with you do as well.  You might think of it as a parent-child relationship–without any words.  But there are always ways to communicate when love is the basic energy.