A time of individual learning

It is difficult when you are separated in bodies–that that you have manufactured to be present in. You feel a need to be connected to a large whole, the ONE. It is often a state that is very much you’ll each be drawn to, to have communion with others. Trust you are in a time in individual learning and so it shall be. So remember that you are all all the same energy, that you create yourself with bodies that will help you to learn your tasks and it is exactly as it should be in this domain.

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  1. Anna September 21, 2011 at 5:29 pm - Reply

    Beautiful. We do seem to have this strong desire for communion, and it has lately taken the form of being constantly on phones, facebook, the internet, etc. in order to connect with each other. But it is good to remember- we are here on our individual paths, and it’s not really the time for that union. It’s understandable why we want it, though. This message reminds me that it’s perfectly ok to feel the loneliness and separateness that we so often do… that I am dealing with quite acutely lately. Anyway, thank you.

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