A teaching about fear, twisted people, love and truth

From a recent discussion between a high guide and Donna and Joanna

I would like to ask about damaged people, abusers and such.  When you talk about people that have been twisted  by their earlier experiences, I’m thinking of people that do violence to others, to women or to children.  When we think about these kinds of people  being amongst us it creates fear.  How do we deal with that? 

When a being enters into a life and they are present in an attitude of negativity, they are often subject to the  promises and learnings of those they came to be with.  These can affect them negatively, especially if they do not receive the love and assurance needed to make their beings strong, to get through the passage.

There is a passage of time in the physical world, both at the beginning and at the end of a life.  It is often referred to as a tunnel, it is in the physical world.  And what occurs in this time of learning can truly affect you and even cause you to put away your desire for your promises, or to seek a higher understanding of them. It affects what is called free will, it alters it, or distorts it.  (Do not confuse this with those very new souls who come in free of all emotion or depth, perhaps maybe even labelled as having a sociopathic illness, not able to relate to other beings, as if an island on to themselves.)

What is needed to heal a being in this time of passage is love.  Love, love is the medicine, the elixir of light, the gentle touch that there is hope, the kiss of will to be, greater than ever. That tender time of passage both at the beginning and the end, the circle, is why they are often confused, can only be of love.

I hear you talking about how can you protect yourself from beings that have gone through this passage and have left it with an armour of anger and distortion about what is the correct and appropriate path to walk in.  I say to you: fill your path with love.  It is the greatest way to grow and to be.  I know you wonder if this protects you from harm.  Well, it will not keep you from growth and if you have an element on your path to learn of this, it will not stop that.  But  it will quicken it and lighten it because the vibrational state in which you approach it and be present in it shall be quick and heal.

What I am saying to you dearest ones is this:  If you walk in a path of light and love and you are attacked by a being, and if you stay present in the light and love it will not harm your spirit.  And your body will heal quickly if you are willing to love, forgive and move on.  If you walk in a path of fear and angst and you are attacked, you will cover your being with scar tissue and stay in a place of no growth. You will revisit this trauma over and over again and that trauma will become who you are instead of the being that you have the capacity to be.

You may have difficulty understanding this.  Know that is not accepting who they be, it is simply being love.  It is being willing to love them where they be in their place of growth– and to love yourself and to move forward.  If all intersections were bundled in love and light, you would not have the great need for lawyers you have in your world.

You would not have the great need for the politicians, but of course, not all beings come through this passage clear and willing, but it is possible and it does happen.  When a very evolved being moves through this passage they are often the teacher, even as a child.  They can affect the attitude under which they grow by, simply by being still, seeing what they see but knowing that that lies within is greater,  offering the light and love to them and know that they shall do what they need to do. 

When you are talking about this passage are you talking about the early years in a child’s life?

Yes, it is approximately thirteen to sixteen of your physical years although we do not like to use numbers.  And it is approximately the same number of years before the leaving a life, if the full circle is to be achieved.

Many of us don’t pay attention to that, do we?

Many of you fear it instead of understanding that it formulates the next step. Fear not, blessed ones, for there is nothing to fear; there is only love.  Your world likes to manifest fear just to control, just to control.  And yet in truth, the only thing you can control is your own being, your own growth.

I wish you could be on the evening news.

Oh my dearest, there are too many that would be very angry with the lack of money by having me on the news.

You talk about fear, are we the only ones who can control our own fear?

Yes, by embracing it for what it is, by digging it out of those corners of your being. And by addressing it face on with a full open heart asking “What do I need to learn from you?”  “Where are your roots in me?”  Fear is a tool, a tool used in the physical world that helps to warn you, signals to your spirit, but sometimes it becomes a heavy, wet blanket that you are dragging around, unaware of that is causing your very being to be smothered.

When you sense fear, talk to it. Maybe it is important that you do need to run.  Maybe it is important that you do need to question that that is present in your path.  Or maybe it is coming from somewhere else, from someone you have just been with or someone you have been raised with where every note of their voice was filled with it. Identify where it comes from and choose if it should be listened to.  I know it is easy for me to say the words but it is not always easy to accomplish for fears can lie underneath layers and layers of phobias, restrictions, amendments, loss.

Know that you are now in a time of uncovering, a time of standing whole, complete. Do not fear to stand bright and beautiful and allow the light of who you are to shine through.  That is what is meant by taking care of your world.  You be the light, the beacon, speak your truth.  Do not worry if it is not the truth of others.  As you speak it, you will know in your heart that it is the best for who you be.  Truth is not some banner.  Truth is the willingness to touch one who seems dirty, truth is the willingness to stand up again after being shoved down, truth is to stand and guard those against the toxins of your physical world.  And each will find their own roots in it.

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  1. cheenu December 2, 2011 at 2:21 pm - Reply

    I am a very touchy person.I take things on my heart and then take it as my resposnsibilty to answer back to the person..If I cant (usually most of time) it starts in me a cycle of burning and criticizing myself which is too much for me to handle..
    I want to ask do people see me as a weak person who can be controlled easily acc to their wishes (PROB I ALLOW THEM TO WALK OVER ME) and how can I find relief if Im not able to answer back..what the correct approch to deal with the negative people in life..(IGNORANCE OR CONFRONTING)

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