Andrea Reed asks about what she believed was an entity in her bathroom.  She writes, “I would find inspiration daily when showering or brushing my teeth and always thought it was due to doing a mundane task, that allowed my mind to open to new ideas. Then one night I felt a presence there and suggested that if it was an earthbound spirit that it should go to the light. I believe it was and that it left. However I suddenly now realize that since that event, I no longer receive this inspiration in this room. I do believe that I can connect to my guides, but this feels a bit different. Plus I had also ‘seen’ images in that room late at night but never connected the two. I appreciate any insight you can provide me on this. Thank you so very much!! I enjoy reading all the posts.”

No, dearest you have not told your guides to go away.  And even if you did tell your guides to go to the light, they dwell there. The being that was visiting you, actually, was an old relative who comes from time to time.  Your oneness with the entities that surround you is a constant.  They are always there.  But at times you find yourself somewhat distracted. Perhaps it would be good to give yourself a little more choice about them. Bless you my child. Be patient.