Robert asks about karma. He says there are so many different opinions on it. He wonders how he can balance his own relationships with people he may have hurt in his past.

Blessed Robert, karma is a word given to the concept of a debt. There is no debt. There is only learning–that you must experience every situation of the human condition. Is there give and take? Yes, there are both sides to every choice. Every situation must be learned by you. Even the middle point must be learned. So, that is why there are many opportunities.

As to the people that you feel you have hurt, then speak to them. Speak of your fears that you have hurt them and you wish to undo that. Why are you afraid? You love to speak of love. You are truly an ancient being and many times you don’t even understand your processes, how it came to this place of hurt. If they are ready, they will accept it.

But remember, just because you are ready doesn’t mean that they will be. Love them. Love yourself. Have humour with yourself my beautiful one. For you are a beautiful light and the world well needs you.