A question about demons and hauntings 


Funtastic – Is it true, such as the case of the family in Gary, IN and the possession of the children?   Walking up walls and things?  What happened here?  Are they telling the truth?  Thank you.

Their truths.  Are they telling their truths?

They are a family in chaos.  You’ve heard of the saying “the canary in the coal mine”.    The children are behaving very curiously because there is not stability in their lives.  There has been too much talk of the unknown and the fear and they are truly reacting to this.  There are beings of light trying to help them.  There are no demons.  You cannot be possessed by another being unless you choose it.

The children are choosing to act out in order for the attention to be drawn to them.  Forgive them and love them.

Possession does not exist that way.  You could say I am possessing the one I speak through (Jane) but I do not.  It is only from the vibration of love and gentleness that this one allows me to speak, but that is all.

So through her willingness?

Now I know you’ve had experiences where very confused beings (those who have died but have not yet found the light) have spoken through this one (Jane) and it has been quite chaotic.  You have visualized and seen this yourself.  But this is not possession.  The being (Jane) still allowed that one to speak through.  She is a wonderful being of gentle light and love and only wishes to help those that are confused and lost.  But after realizing the energy left behind, I believe she would not choose to do this again in a great  hurry.

All high and low vibrations can only come through if invited.   Know this.  You cannot be taken over by some force and evil only exists in the physical world.  It is the creation of a need, that is all; a need to control, a need for attention.  It is an upside down, inside out element of your physical world.

Fear not, for there is nothing to fear.




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