A mother’s strong bond with her son

Andrea writes:

This is a bit of a spontaneous question, but I was wondering if you could shed some light on the relationship I have with my son. I feel like we have such a strong bond and I don’t feel like his mother as much as I feel like we are the same. It is a feeling that I am not sure how to express in words and so I thought I would ask for some clarification from the guides. With thanks and gratitude! 

The guide’s response:

You are his mother and that is a very special, special gift.  Not only to provide him with a body and a way to be present in your world. but as a guiding light, a star to follow.   You have mothered this one before. But, most recently you were in fact, partners. Two beings fighting a similar war working through a difficult time. It is not surprising that you look to this one for support and he to  you.  But do try to remember that you are mother.  It is a very important role for you to learn about.  And so in those moments of feelings of sameness, remember it is simply love.  Love that you feel and adore this being. Be that blessed being, there is only one in a lifetime, be it.

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