A mother asking about spiritual growth


I have two amazing kids and believe they are old souls.  Is there spiritual growth happening for them now or does it occur later once they are teenagers? What is the process or development  for spiritual growth?

It has started.  It starts at the very beginning.  Every action creates energy which moves the spirit and so as soon as you are contained and on your own in a body, you start to learn and grow, thus your spirit heightens.  I am not talking about religious growth here, my dear.    Spiritual growth is the growth of that amazing energy that moves through those blessed beings you call your children.  In spirit they are very old and very wise.  It is what cause the chills all over you now and then when they look at you and you feel like the most ignorant person in the world.

Yes, that happens quite often (laughter).

That is their spirit and that is what you see and feel and nurture and are in awe of.  And the best thing to do  is to make sure they are safe, that they are healthy and that they are loved.  Watch them grow, never limiting but always supporting until one day they will fly away from you, but they will never forget for they will always hold a bond with you that only you will have with them.

And in that bond is a multitude of years of lifetimes, of knowledge, that they will be able to tap into.  And in a way, you will be in your aged years.  It is not memories, it is actually an active energy.  It is like a placenta that never disappears. Bless you, my child.

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