This question is from Christine who is asking about a friend named Tim Cummings who is curious about his father who died in WW II. He has some questions about his father:
• Was James Trotter’s airplane shot down by friendly fire?
• Was he rejected by his family or did her reject him?
• Why didn’t Jean, his wife, contact them after the war?
• Why didn’t Jean tell Tim very little about his father?
• Was James Trotter a confident man or a maverick?
• Are his frailties similar to his son Tim’s?
Tim yearns to know his father. He wants to know if James Trotter has any messages for him.

Hmnnn…. Why does not Tim ask of me?

Well, that’s a very good question.

He fears. Tell this blessed one that he is strong. I know he seeks to find that father. He has many questions about him. And when he was very young he felt very close to him. Hmn. And he has been running through the many different emotions that dizzy him sometimes. It’s often that he felt he didn’t have direction; didn’t know what footsteps to follow in.

He is a kind and wonderful being. He needs to ask the questions.

I will tell him that. I will pass this information on.

Thank you.

It is possible to ask questions on this blog using a pseudonym or initials. The guides don’t seem to have any problem focusing in on the person who is asking even without names. So please don’t let a need for privacy stop you from asking questions.