Pam asks about her four year old granddaughter, Lauren.  The little girl talks about “Johnny” telling her to do things. Pam says, “It’s not always something that she shouldn’t be doing, but often.  Sometimes she just talks about Johnny and she has been talking about him since she was two years old.  If Johnny is a spirit guide I wouldn’t think that he would tell her to do naughty things.”

This little one has learned that if she can direct the energy to someone else, then she no longer has to answer for it.  No, Johnny  is not a spirit guide with this one, although there are many that surround her.  Johnny, is a name of someone from a past existence, who was very much a partner in crime, shall I say.  But it is not a great negative.

Grandmother should answer back that Johnny knows better than to do that and truly that she should be owning her own mistakes.  There is no need to be too worried about this, it is quite alright as this child blossoms beautifully.  She has an amazing ability to be one step ahead of most of the  beings in her path.  She is very, very intelligent.  Expect the best and she shall fulfil it.