A guide speaks about renewing energies at times when they are low

IMG_1664Blessed ones.  Energies are low.

Yes.  Is it just the season?

Actually the season you are in is a time of building energies. Your energies are low for all the drains you have on you.  You give thought, you give energy to these. Remember to restore your energies. Take time to be, to re-envelope the energy that is you.

What’s a good way to do that?

To immerse yourself in water, to lie in the sunshine, to walk barefoot on the ground without any manufactured things between you and the earth. What I mean is grass, sand, ground.

And understand that there are times when you  simply must just be.

Yes.  And not try to make decisions or change things, and just walk though our life easily?

If decisions are to be made at this time, just be very still and connect your heart and your mind, and then you will hear it.

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