A guide speaks about our world leaders, ISIS and the damage of war


There is talk about leaders gathering, about oneness, and I wonder how that’s progressing. Is the leader of China instrumental in assisting with the pursuit of peace?

The leader of China is very concerned about their economy. They know that if they are not at one with the rest of the world that they will collapse, because now China knows about the rest of the world. And of course the pendulum will swing to the far extent of the imbalance before it comes back to balance. When the first sweet taste of freedom and all the luxuries of other lives touches them, it will distort for a while. And there will be a great deal of copy-cat within their country. You will see that in time.

All of these leaders placed in positions to speak for the whole, unfortunately cannot speak for the whole. But they are the best group at the moment. But still war does prevail does it not? And does it affect the food on your table? Does it affect the love in your eyes for each other?

If you are one with your world, do you feel it will not affect you? Thus it does affect the love you have for each being. But only very evolved beings understand this: as go they, so go I.

And there is a group of very distorted beings that are completely out of balance. They are new souls and they have gained a certain essence of control of others.

Is this the ISIS group you are referring to? They have a lot of money.

Oh yes. Well they think they have a lot of money.

It is a frightening group.

Yes. New souls in power like this are very unknown. You might call it, what is it that they used to call it on a boat? A loose cannon. Yes, you don’t know if it will fight the enemy or sink the boat. And that’s what is occurring right now.

They are out of control and they hide amongst those innocent beings that wish only to have a life, to experience love. How do you take the weeds out of the beautiful garden that is present? By making the garden strong.

If it is truly a time of peace, it will be the healing of the land and the people that is taken care of.

Yes, that’s why I don’t believe air strikes will help at all.

It brings to the attention of others that this needs to be fixed, but unfortunately many gardens are damaged by it. And it will take longer to heal. There are just wars. But they are usually eye-to-eye and not the way this is being done. But these beings are helpless and don’t understand that this is a different time, and different strategies and different understandings are in play.

And there are times, as you very well know, when you beat your plowshares into swords that it can be just. When you are protecting your home. These beings must learn that, to protect their homes, to see their strength, to become strong. And this is done by love that the whole world has for these places, not by annihilating them, but by loving them.

It’s a hard concept to understand but most of these great speakers do understand it. It’s not about war now; it’s about healing.

Communication is of the utmost importance. Although there is so much of it in your world now. If you could only hear the noise we hear. But it is the single voice that cries out that is always heard. That is why you often feel frustrated with the absolute nonsense that is spoken for no purpose, having no action or reaction to it. It is part of the path of returning to the song that human beings used to sing. You see, civilizations have risen up and died back many times in your physical domain. It is all part of coming to this great crescendo. And then there will be stillness and quiet.

Will humans still be on earth in the stillness?

Well then you’re asking the question, if a tree falls in the forest is it heard? For there to be stillness it must be heard. Yes, my dear, the cycle goes on. But that doesn’t help you when you are in the middle of it. When you are fighting to see through all this noise and chatter.

Find your place to be still, to regroup, to understand who you be, to not get swept up in the wave of want—empty want. Truly they don’t even know what they want.

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  1. timiatimia October 10, 2014 at 12:17 am - Reply

    I can’t sleep anymore and that is a huge problem. I get visits from a person in spirit which has interrupted my sleep pattern. How do I communicate with this person & be comfortable falling back to sleep again in my bed? Also, I here radios and tv programs when nothing is on. What is that about? I don’t mind the visits, but it is frustrating not being able to communicate AND not be able to sleep. Thank you.

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