A guide speaks about life on other planets


There are many movies made about life on other planets, and I wonder if this is preparing our consciousness in a way. Are you aware of other planets? How many other planets have life forms? Will humans become globally aware of another species from a different planet? As far as spiritual evolution, where are human beings in comparison with other species?

You are exactly where you are meant to be. Of course there are other… you say species but they are the same energy as you, all created by the One, experiencing different levels of growth, all different, all exactly as it should be.

You may think your universe is of chaos; it isn’t. There is a wonderful rhythm and it is all exactly as it should be. There is an element of chance that can be created in pockets from time to time, and a crossing of the lines. Unknown, unknown.

Hopefully beings will understand and recognize the same energies within and will understand that it is similar, as a blood type that you recognize as similar… but this is yet to be decided, yet to be learned. I have been in these different areas. They are very different, but of the same energy, with the same purpose. And you ask: what is it all for? One day you’ll know, but not yet my blessed one, not yet.

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  1. f. September 25, 2014 at 10:15 am - Reply

    Hi Guides. I have a question about power. I am wondering if you can speak generally on this topic. I am interested in how power dynamics get played out between humans, as well as between non-humans. How can we best understand empowerment, as well as the experience of disempowerment? How might we understand how ‘power’ gets distributed? How do we best work with ‘power’? Power gets defined in all sorts of different ways in this world, as energy, as money, as will, as symbolic capital, as drive, it gets associated with gender, class, race, etc. It is also associated with love. And sex! What is your perspective? I realize this is a giant question, that is political as well as personal. I would love to hear whatever you might have to say on the topic. Many thanks.

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