What is the most important thing that our guides want us to know?

To love one another. To be kind to one another. To do your choices to the highest of your vibrational code. You have this like you have a genetic code. You have a physical state and a spiritual vibrating state to do every choice to the highest of it. A being knows when they choose less than what they should be doing. And do not judge others. That is where they be, exactly as they must be. And to love yourslef and the physical opportunity to be on this physical earth. It was created for you. Take time to see it, to feel it, to take care of it. It will always support you. It will always manifest what you need to learn. Remember this and love yourselves. If you could truly love yourselves in the way that we love you, all would be done. In time, trust and it shall be. Be that that you are, pure, bright energy, love.