A door will open, so be aware that change is at hand


Sharon  writes:  

Hello Guides and Ladies,

Is there a message from my Spirit Guides pertaining to my career that I’m not hearing? Is a writing career the right path for me? Thank you and I wish you many blessings.
The guide’s response:

You’re definitely a writer my dear.  But unfortunately it’s not being the focused the way you want it to be.  You ask for a  message from your guide—one moment.

(The guide leaves and another guide comes through; apparently it is Sharon’s spirit guide.)

May I speak?

Yes, do you have some words for Sharon?

He’s coming. (softly)

Did you say “He is coming?” 

Yes. The career you have put so much strength into is right.  A door will open for you.  So just be aware that a change is at hand.  Write about your passion.  Actually what you think are dreams can be realities.  All of it.  Even those things that they’ve told you are not possible are possible.  You are well.  It can be.

You’ve already seen some success in it.  Trust.

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  1. NDanjou May 31, 2012 at 10:38 pm - Reply

    Last year my sister offer me to stay in her condo in France and mention to me it was going to be free . When she was there in France with her husband they ask me to leave after they invited me back before they go back home but they ask me to pay a some of money by week to stay there. I felt in my heart I had no choice to say yes because I had no place to go and did not wanted to argu with her and him .I guess I was afraid to say my opinion concerning this .Now they are making pressure for me to pay because sens I have been back money have been hard for me and was only able to give him some paiment by month . Now if I do not pay the all amount they are asking me he said he was going to take me to court . The problem I do not have the money to pay and I am moving to France in 26 days and I do not have work yet and course I am constantly worry about money and feel hurt as well by them . Why it has been so hard for me fiancially ? What do I need to learn form this situation .
    Thank you my guides for all the help you have giving me .I am truly grateful .Blessing .

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