Sharon  writes:  

Hello Guides and Ladies,

Is there a message from my Spirit Guides pertaining to my career that I’m not hearing? Is a writing career the right path for me? Thank you and I wish you many blessings.
The guide’s response:

You’re definitely a writer my dear.  But unfortunately it’s not being the focused the way you want it to be.  You ask for a  message from your guide—one moment.

(The guide leaves and another guide comes through; apparently it is Sharon’s spirit guide.)

May I speak?

Yes, do you have some words for Sharon?

He’s coming. (softly)

Did you say “He is coming?” 

Yes. The career you have put so much strength into is right.  A door will open for you.  So just be aware that a change is at hand.  Write about your passion.  Actually what you think are dreams can be realities.  All of it.  Even those things that they’ve told you are not possible are possible.  You are well.  It can be.

You’ve already seen some success in it.  Trust.