A discussion with a guide about karma

BuddismCan you explain if karma exists in the spiritual realm?

I believe this is a belief of many of your eastern religions, karma being something that follows you from lifetime to lifetime.  It is just a word.  It is also man-made, it does not exist.  There is no quotient.  There is no tally.  You must experience, that is all there is.

If one chooses to be initiated by a master are these people granted any kind of security in their physical life and does this release the individual from their transgressions.  Is there truth to this?

There are entities that are very full of themselves but they are not full of spirit.  They have written down laws that came from their own human mind.  And there are rules.  Always be wary of rules my dear, for there aren’t any.  Although you may question that, for you feel that we have rules, but there are no rules that are enforced.

There are certain entities upon your physical dimension that have progressed and have become very high as far as their vibrational quota is concerned, but these are the least likely to speak of it.  And those that think that there is one entity upon the earth that can clear a path for another I’m afraid are sadly mistaken.  For every entity is an entity onto themselves.  And they shall gain or lose due to what they do, not due to what anyone else does.

There is a very famous poet I liked upon your plane.  And he always said A Man’s a Man for all That.  It is a very wise poem.  But you must also accept that other entities will be upon their path and will do as they wish.  The best way is to just accept and love them.

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