Jennifer asks about the difficult relationship she has with her family.  She says, “We are no longer speaking.  I feel really lonely but they hurt me deeply and I don’t know what to do.  I feel like I’m getting validation from the other side in the form of hearts and feathers.  Is that true?

Dearest Jennifer, most definitely the beings of light that surround you are there.  They are with you, they support you. Often in the times of greatest growth you might feel somewhat alone, but know that you are not.

When people around you are toxic,  their energy can overwhelm, so you are wise to know what you need to do for your own growth, for your being.  Seek happiness.

When you think of your family, surround them in light.  Send the love from your heart that is so true and worry not of the response.  But know that this is an action of pure love, that this might help them in time, to heal them.

Healing yourself is your utmost importance at this time.  You are loved my child.

Talking about it is good, and healthy.  But remember it is your own choices that are most important.  See them for your own growth now. In time there will be an opportunity and you will have a choice to speak to them again.  But do not think of that now.  Think of healing the wound.   Remember your truth and you will do well, my child.

Thank you.  I’ll pass these words on to Jennifer.