A dialogue about justice and our legal system

JusticeI have a question about a murder trial going on right now. This question comes from someone in North America. This person wants to know if the people on trial are guilty.  And will they be convicted and sentenced. The victim, a young woman… my heart bleeds when I think that she is dead and her murderers have not only been released but are being defended by people that claim to be “for the good”. Which brings up another question…why are these people defending her murderers? Is it money, or do they identify with them in some way? And what does most onlookers think, do they believe these people are guilty? I ask because I cannot bear to see this injustice and know that so many people defend the victim’s killers. I try to keep the “glass half full”, but this sort of thing really brings me down.

Guide – Ah, my dear one, you ask if they are guilty and yet you have decided they are. If you are to trust in the systems of a society you must trust that this will play out for the right.  So, the truth is that you do not trust in the systems any more. And how does one make peace with that?  By acting upon it. By using your voice, your being, your state of light, to speak out about that that might be change.

To know that there are some fights that are not yours and some that are. And those you must take up and change, and do whatever you can to affect the outcome that you desire. There does come a time when one must speak one’s truth even when it is not one that all want to hear, if it your truth you must speak it.

Your world, your society, has different rules for different beings. This is the injustice that you see and hear a great deal about. If you are poor and cannot afford one who will speak on your behalf then you are at the bidding of others. Your society is very money affected at this time, and it is true that many who do not have funds do not get defended or helped. But that does not mean it is right. But you have a voice and you should use it to bring help and aid to those that cannot speak for themselves.

I hear what you’re saying, that when the laws are wrong that people need to speak up and change them. It’s not something that one person or even a hundred people can do. It requires a groundswell of demands.

It begins with one. It is not just a justice system, but a system that pays a great deal for beings to defend or accuse and not ask questions but just simply seek what they want for remuneration.

Yes, it’s not a justice system but a legal system. And you’re quite right that poor people don’t have the same protection or service from that system at all.

Unless they can find one who will speak on their behalf, in many cases. Not all societies and not all places within your society are this way. The deep south has very limited views of right and wrong just now. But it will change.

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