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Namaste.  I greet you.  What a blessed group of beings.  Each coming with an open heart, oh, how blessed you are.

Can you tell us a little about who you are?

I be a being that once walked in the physical form. I no longer have a body.  I no longer need to learn of the physical world.  I have long since needed names for forms, but I assure you I still evolve from the physical dimension. Your world, you create that that you need to grow, to learn, to evolve.  There are many beings doing the same, but we now evolve through you.

How is it that you evolve through us?

As you grow, we grow.  As your vibration heightens with us, those that are with you. It matters not to know of us not.  You have a vibrational code as you have a physical genetic code.  You vibrate at the rate of your evolution, you have grown with wisdom. As you grow and choose you will fill your path with those that be with you.  You might think of it as parent, child relationship without any words but there are always ways to communicate when love is the basic energy.

I would like to ask you about your tradition of Namaste.  It is a tradition that is returning very much today.

Yes, to recognize the light in another being.  This is the word that I see and recognize your light.  I see your light.  I have learned many traditions and many belief systems and religions.  They have very little to do with the true evolution of the spirit.  But Namaste means I see your light and I know.  For all of you radiate the light of the universe each soul in its own wonder.  My child, radiant beautiful light, I know you believe it is your body that holds your spirit, but it is your spirit that holds your body.  It is your energy, your spirit that creates your body, that is the anchor to this world each vibrating its own rate and what a beautiful song.  Some of you have round energies, some somewhat irregular.  You will meet others of similar energy and feel at once at peace with them and not know why.  You will wonder perhaps if it is perhaps you have known this one.  But this is like having a common energy, like you would have a common blood type, or belief, or knowing.  There are many things that are not seen by the eye, that are present.  One of these are the very beings that surround each of you.  Some have many with you at this time, some one.

If we could see our guides, what would they look like?

Orbs of light.  They may show you or present a body form. but their true energy is a ball with a tail, silver light.  I believe each of you have seen them in the corner of your eye, perhaps a blue light, perhaps a white light.  But often it is used as a signal that they are with you, trying to develop form a communicate although it doesn’t have to. You can lead a wonderful life without every communicating with those that be around you with the conscious mind, but your heart will know.

I know many people wish to find ways to communicate with the beings around them. Do you have any advice about that?

Begin by asking.  Begin by asking for unexpected ways to know that they are present with you.  You can use a penny to be found, bird or butterfly, an unexpected presence to appear.  You can take much time in meditation and develop an actual dialogue.  It is entirely up to you, for you are the one with the greatest need to learn.  All beings will choose their own way.  There is not one of you that does not have the desire to be. For you all take breaths and you trust that there will be another breath.  And in trusting this you know that there is more than what you see.  Namaste.

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