A conversation with a guide about fear

EagleA guide we refer to as the Professor shared the following:

The most important thing is to find joy, happiness, laughter and peace.  It is interesting, this overturn (a term used previously  by the guides as the “overturn of souls”)  how so many seem to live in their fear.

Do you mean like some believing in a pending the polar shift or with the Mayan calendar that life will end in December?

Not even that.  They fear what they eat.  They fear where they walk.  It seems to be the basic energy of the day instead of just awakening and moving through this amazing dimension which offers such growth and opportunity in the beauty in a written book, or in a flower, or in the face of a being that is grasping at life.

Why are so many people fascinated with the negative, the sad or the frightening?

They like adrenaline rushes.

But there is adrenaline with happiness.

Yes, a different form.  A different form indeed.  There is a hormone for every emotion in the physical body.  You know that tears that are cried in pain have a different chemical equation than tears that are cried in laughter and this is the same with this adrenaline.

Long ago when a being came upon a creature and was startled the adrenaline would rush through the body and fire into fight.  Well, now that isn’t happening so instead they switch on the TV, they hear something and fire into fight.  But instead of the fight with the feeling they have present in their body they just feel horrendously anxious and it computes as fear or helplessness.  Information that is given where you don’t have a choice over it can cause a great deal of anxiety.  So, you have to learn how to receive information and not let it affect your physical being.

It is almost as a child you tell them this is just not real, it is a story.  But that isn’t true as your conscious intellect tells you this is true, these things are happening.  What can I do as a person? Well, you can choose to not even listen.

So be more selective about what we are willing to be exposed to?

Or be exposed, listen to it and stand in it but don’t repeat it over and over and over.  Stand in it and have a good strong feeling about it, maybe an action can follow.  I don’t mean to go out and hurt anybody but you can make choices in your life that can affect some of these things that you are fearful about.

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  1. Donna October 29, 2012 at 9:52 pm - Reply

    “Being in tune” from my perspective is being present and available with myself and others whether that is in sharing a moment, or an experience. When I’m in some level of fear, or perhaps a worry mode, I don’t feel connected with my inner flow. I think the “being in tune” is being aware and trusting each moment to openly experience whatever is unfolding. Thanks for bringing this topic into the circle for reflection.

    • Jane November 7, 2012 at 11:45 am - Reply

      I believe that we are always in tune…we come into this domain in tune. It is through the effect or conditions of our early lives or that which guides call “attitude” of our early world that we talk ourselves out of being in tune, or develop an understanding of ourselves that we are not one with all. I believe we have the ability right from the start. Have you not all known of a childs ability to know things far beyond their years. We call them old souls..We feel they have been here before. They know only love..see their world through those loving eyes..no judgment no conditions. Our conscious minds develop an understanding of who we need to be to be safe in our world. Many of these understandings are from our families until we are old enough or strong enough to truly “be” who we are. As I am saying this, I am hearing(from my guide) that some are that strong right from the beginning. I guess there are many variables here. In my understanding to be in tune, you do not need to acquire anything, you need to let go. Let go of judgment and ideas of what should be, just be, as guides say “be that that you are”. See your world through love, open your heart, eyes and ears to all the wonder that is one with you, for you are in tune.

  2. Scooterish November 10, 2012 at 10:13 am - Reply

    I have 2 young children who are in tune. More than I am at times. They have less “noise” when they’re little. So awesome!

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