A conversation about the recent plane crash in the French Alps


I would like to ask about the recent plane crash where 150 people were killed when one sad individual took his own life, taking them with him. It just seems so unnecessary.

More than this. There were more children died of starvation—and yet it is this one thing that many are upset about and directing their energies to. It always is amazing to me. Cry for all the beings and then act to heal.

The being that took this many, and the wonderful beings that gave their lives to help this being… they did. There was a choice at hand, though you see it not from where you be. So if that one being was so valuable, think of how each of you is so valuable.

There are many issues at hand in this learning and lesson, not only the one who took it, but what created the situation that prevented it from being stopped. And what created the beings that were present. You see the lessons are so many; you have no understanding.

It is not a fault. The responsibility lies within each of you of why it happened. And until each owns that, these things will always occur. Do you understand what I speak?

Do you mean if we don’t pay attention to the needs of the people around us? If we just continue on our…?

Yes, you’ve got it my dear. If someone had seen, as many did, this tortured young man and his difficulties. He tried to reach out and get help but there were other reasons why it was not heard. Or no, it wasn’t that important.

And the result—oh, now you hear; oh now you see. And for those that walk with that now, their friction within causes them great stress. Do you see what I am speaking to you, how your choices are important? They can rock the world.

You are living in the physical dimension for a reason. You all came to be present in this time with this great influx of new souls. It is the time of responsibility.

Many will say you are living in a time of Satan. They wanted it to be a time of control, one being controlling many. The exact opposite is true: one being affecting many. Be not afraid.

It is intimidating to think we can speak louder than many, many new souls.

But you can. I speak to you in love.

Is there part of the human psyche that wants to be rescued? It seems for so many years we have given our power over to government, religious orders, or employers and corporations. To fully accept this individual responsibility is, well it’s pretty big.

It is something that has developed in this era. It has not always been present; this era being your history.

What do you mean?

I mean in the era of, well, your understanding of your history, your physical domain in this time. Goes back as far as your written history. And it has come to pass that beings feel less responsible, and weaker. It wasn’t originally this way. When beings were equal within their own tribes, they felt very strong individually, and very responsible for their own actions, their own gathering of food, their own protection for the night. As you have evolved you have become weaker, and yet you are more evolved.

You see, it is a time to be responsible for your own actions, your own choices.

Many beings have spoken that your life’s path, each one, is the book of you. And is it good enough to be the book of you? And do you want it to be read by others? That’s what your choices are about. Do you want to be one of many? Does the group get followed? Or do you want to follow your own path.

Bless you, my children, for it is a very difficult time—but a very wondrous time. We love you.



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