This is just part of a conversation we had yesterday with a very high guide.  The entire transcript can be found on our Teachings page.  Just click the tab above to see it.

Joanna asks:  These are difficult times for our planet earth with the events in Japan, could you talk a little about this, please?

No, not difficult times for planet earth, they are times of great growth for those spirits that are in the physical form on planet earth.  Your earth, your mother ship that carries you, provides great opportunity for growth. When there are great upheavals in the physical world, the earth, it creates growth.  It creates many situations in which beings are making choices, elements of growth.  Whether they embrace it or run from it, it creates growth.

Be not afraid.  Embrace it.  This great planet that is created for your learning is presenting a situation for you to grow from.  The earth itself will always shift and move; it will create weather patterns of energy—all for your bidding, my dearest ones, for your bidding. For even those that are a great distance from this chaos are making choices for growing, or not.  For giving, or not.