I Wonder writes:

Hello Guides – Are our lives already ‘signed & sealed’?  I recently went to visit a clairvoyant lady who was adamant that our futures are set in stone!
She told me that regardless of choices we make, growth (or non-growth), past lives and promises, and what we ‘believe’ to be free-will…. that everything is pre-destined and happens exactly as it should, from simple conversations to life changing events. She claimed that although we think our individual actions cause reactions, that in fact decisions made never change the outcome (as the result was always going to be as was).

Guide’s response:  And she is asking if this is the truth?

Donna:  Yes, she is asking that.
Guide: So, in fact, she is making a choice.  So the clairvoyant made a choice.  So if one does not make a choice there is no growth?  No dearest, this being certainly isn’t wrong, for in many ways it is true that you choose certain elements of learning and this is perhaps is what the being sees.  That these elements will be present through your entire path, giving you the opportunity of growth. At different times your vibrational state you are able to choose to take it on and to grow from it.  But if the element of learning is completed in a path then you needn’t repeat it.  It doesn’t mean it must return and return.  No, there is no destiny that is set in stone. There is evolution of a being that yes, each and every one of you will move into a higher element that can eventually no longer dwell in a physical world.  But that takes much time and learning and choices.  I believe that fear has controlled that dear one to think that there is no effect of a choice.
Donna:  Do you mean the clairvoyant person?
Guide:  Yes, my dear.  That is the way of growth–to choose, to make a decision, to put in action something that is needed.  If you do not choose then you stay in one place, it is a state of no growth and you will not stay long in the physical world. You will return again to start anew.

Joanna:  So you talked about how we eventually move forward until we can’t return?
Guide:  Well, it could be for small amounts of time, but the energy would be too high to stay present in the physical domain.
Joanna:  So our lifetimes are all about growth and forward movement and evolving?
Guide:  You say it like it is some sort of prison sentence, my dear.
Joanna (laughing):  Sometimes it feels like that, but not usually.
Guide:  The opportunity to grow, to become more magnificent than you already are, to heighten your vibration.  This is love.
Joanna:  D o you have any words for I Wonder about how she can move forward?
Guide:   She is doing beautifully.  She is seeking and trying on different understandings until one will fit her shoes just perfectly and help her down her path.  Do not be afraid to change your mind.  You may believe that one theory fits you just well and you will follow its teachings and then at some point you will come to a fork in the road and all of a sudden a new theory feels very good.  It doesn’t mean you toss out the other, you evolve. You take on something new in these shoes or perhaps an overcoat that fits better and you move on down your road.  You are always growing when you are in the domain of the physical.  That is what it is about, learning.  Does it mean it must be miserable?  If you attract light and love you will have it on your path.