Have other beings from other planets visited Earth?  One of the previous NASA astronauts, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, has been outspoken of the existence of alien contact and that the government retains this information as top secret or classified.  I recently read about historical accounts from the 1960’s at Nellis Air Force base and alleged contacts with a species referred to as the “tall whites.”  Is there truth that these beings are visiting our planet?

Spirit guide – There have been many beings from other dimensions upon your physical world. It has happened many times. Their advanced technology brings them through.  And it is only through fear that it has been kept quiet.  But much is not known yet about that in the history of your mankind.  You have only a small sense of how long the physical domain has been.

You each are a spaceship in a way; your body has brought you here.  You dwell here in this suit, but you have many other dimensions to be part of and understand.  I find it amusing to think that it has not happened.  And, of course, there will be all manner of beings in time.

So, is that inter-dimensional, is that opening up more to our consciousness? Once we humans are not so afraid of the idea of other species being here on Earth, will we then be able to see them?

It is not yet possible for them to dwell for any length of time.  They have not yet arrived at that technology.

Are other beings, from other dimensions as fearful as we are here?  Or, is it more of a human experience?

They all possess the ability to be afraid. Whether they live in it with a constant state, is up to them.  There have been civilizations in your physical world that had no fear although they knew of it. Ancient stories of the beginning of the fear, how it can control, the unknown.

Will the US Military, government will this stay Top Secret or will they release this information?

There is much information that is known. They fear that it will only cause harm, but it has affected many.  Your greater populations often believe that they need to have a father figure, or one who possesses the information. You see it in all sorts of reflections in new souls; wanting to be led, wanting to be told how to be, whether it be through religion, or politics, or society.  It  is a common thread seen amongst all.  It can only be changed through time and the evolution of beings.

If we came across one of these beings, would we be able to communicate  with them through speech, mind or heart?

Yes.  They would tell you how they could communicate with you as they would be the ones to come to you.  They would see you as quite foreign as you would see them.  But be not afraid, we are all one.