A conversation about evil and growth in the physical world

From our January 6th evening with the spirit guides


Is there anything like bad or evil in this world?


Oh heavens yes, my dear, lots in this world.  This is where evil exists, dearest. It does not exist in spirit, no, not in the dimension where I come from.  It is the creation for leaning here.   Yes, there must be good and there must be bad.  And both are good if you understand the true understanding of growing.  Evil can be created usually by very new souls, but not always.  Sometimes other ones decide to back-track and make them do things against their very beings.  And this is evil, when you take control of another being’s path. This is evil and it does exist where you live. It does not exist where I be.

But don’t ever worry of ghosts scaring or taking your life for they do not have the power to do so.  The force to do negative its domain is in the physical world.

J :

People aren’t born that way,  are they?


Heaven’s no.  You know I am talking about those very new souls.  You know those radiant lumps that come in and are full of piss and vinegar, that is the word.  They often don’t know what to do but they can often create a lot of chaos.  There is no satan, I’m afraid not.  That was a creation of mankind my dears.  Oh, and it worked so well.  Oh my goodness, and there are still so many are afraid of satan.


I wonder if sometimes people do bad things as part of their journey if that is their intention when they came on this earth?  Or, if bad things happen if it was meant to be that way?


I suppose you could look at any situation and say it is either bad or it is good.  But if growing occurs from it, then it is not bad.  So, it is a difficult thing for me to answer.  It is true a person could take an energy and force it in a way that they thought at that time was good. Perhaps they were not evolved and don’t realize that taking another’s life was a bad thing to do; perhaps they felt it was right under their belief system.   It is true that to many others this would be evil, but to them they were so sure that it was the right thing to do.  It wouldn’t be until they were evolved farther along they would realize that that was no longer acceptable.   That they have learned, thus, the bad thing is no longer evil.

It is hard to understand perhaps in your dimension.  There are many evolved beings that come in with the sole purpose (the soul purpose) of being in the position of being abused, or murdered, or killed in order to help another grow.  It sounds a bit insane doesn’t it?  But it is true, for there is never such a strong love as to give the opportunity of growth to another being by being the one who takes the negative.

It isn’t that they set out to come to be evil, or set up another being to do evil upon, but these things are great teachings and they do exist.  But if you approach things instead of  a negative but in a positive way, if you let the love and light of who you be radiate in all things.  Then, even these great circumstances that cause a lot of dismay to others, they won’t affect you in the same way.  You will move through them with the light and love and willingness to proceed.


I just want to ask if someone is a victim of a crime,  is that something they would come in knowing that it would happen?  Or is that chance?


Oh, they are very different things.   Chance is often an element of a greater number of like-minded beings feeling, talking, being in a way that affects other things.  When a trauma like you mention is on a path, it is often a promise they needed to learn from, or they were offering the gift of learning to another.


It’s is very complicated.


Perhaps, but isn’t life?  And yet, it is so simple.

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    Hello, I keep getting a “feeling” that the West Coast of Canada/US will experience a devestating earthquake sometime this year (2012). Can you speak of this at all? I am not trying to cause a panic, but I am curious about this and if these natural disasters are occuring in order to make people aware of what is truely important?

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