A conversation about child abuse and choices

We’ve been discussing a question about situations of terrible abuse by parents.  It’s our understanding that we choose our parents and the situation of our birth but we struggle with why someone would choose to come through into an abusive situation.

When a being dwells in the time of learning (or what you might consider as in between lives, or you might also think of it as a state of rest)…there is great clarity, understanding of all actions, all learning, the state of your own vibration, that that must yet be learned.  They all have certain quotas but I will use the words to simply describe that that is learned and that that is yet to be learned, each having a vibrational quickening, you will go to a certain situation in the physical world to learn them.  And perhaps after many experiences you will want to (almost as we do certain ones) to learn it with a greater depth and understanding.   Perhaps through some balancing of learning other situations, you have a different view,  attitude, understanding.

It’s all about how you grow and learn.   It’s not that you choose to go into a situation that would be abusive to you, but you would choose perhaps to go in to help another grow, with the understanding that you have already learned about abuse thus helping the other person to come to an understanding of it.  Or perhaps to receive yourself a knowing of what it would be like to be helpless.  Not that you would choose to be punished.  There is no great toll of that that you must receive.  It is about the give and take, the ebb and flow, the yin and yang, the balance of all learning through the physical dimension, the body.

What does the physical body present to you in this stage of learning?  It actually slows it down so that you can truly receive it into your vibration, as if setting up the scenario of learning, opening, slowing.  Your vibrations are very quick, quicksilver, lightning speed, and that is why learning can take but a second.  But many of the understandings that are needed for the true depth of the vibrational learning need to be slowed down.

You could compare it to digestion, if things are working too quickly, if it goes too fast, you are not absorbing that that is needed

So are you saying that while we may understand the learning in our spirit before we come through, we choose to come into a body and learn it in a more intense, physical way?

Yes, your spirit need not have all the understanding  yet, knowing that it must yet learn it.  The spirit has the power to know within it the greatness,  be that that it is, the teacher.  It has the union with the greater knowledge, thus knowing.  The yet unknown might be learned.

And yet people may sometimes come through to offer learning to those that they came though with.

Yes, sometimes evolved beings will choose an act of great honour and gift to another, learning themselves, quickening their vibration yet again, but also in a   more universal way.

But they don’t remember that and may be confused when they come.

This amnesia has a purpose; it doesn’t have to be conscious of this.  When a being finds yourself in a state that you clearly understand is not right, you can take a moment.  Breathe deeply, witness all that is present and understand al that you feel about each individual, the compassion the empathy may go very deep within you.  You may understand a need for the other to grow.  So speak that that is your truth; it will help not only you, but for others to grow.  We do not ask you to speak your truth just simply for your own learning but in others hearing it they may take on their own growth.  It is not singular and yet it is; it is that amazing complexity of your world that we see as simple.  Dimensions within dimensions; circles within circles.

Ah, you see your 3D; we see many more dimensions, blessed one.  Fear not; fear not that you chose to punish your being by being present in an abusive situation, and speak your truth.  If it is a child you see, it is your sight that causes the tension because this is where you are at and you need to speak your truth, and you need to stand between the child and the abusive situation.  That child maybe came to bring you to this place of learning.  Or you maybe came to teach the abuser.  You see what I’m saying; it’s no punishment, all learning.

Yes, I understand. So it’s not karma, it’s nothing that you did that was bad to result in this situation.

Societies have tried to put words to their intuitive knowing that there was a reason for all things.  Unfortunately it was always about punishment in the beginning, but it isn’t that at all.  It’s about promising growth and being present in it.  These promises were made to yourself but the greater self knows that it is to all.  You see, you are multi-dimensional.  You will have your beliefs that will speak about the higher self.  It is often referred to as well, angels, God.  The power that lies within each of you is this—universal love.  Yes, you are a small fraction of it; the child, in the image of God. You use the physical concepts for that is what the conscious mind needs, but you are the energy of God, in the small part.  But you will grow and be once again united with the greater one.  Worry not about the different beliefs in the world.  Be.  Be that that you are.  And all will grow.

I am thinking of a time when I saw a family where there were two children who were absolutely in fear of their parents—and I didn’t intervene, because I was afraid.

Yes.  But you never would allow that again, would you?


Growth my dear.  Do not judge where and how it is.  It is.  You now know this.  That image was a great teacher.  Thank them.  Thank them and trust that they grew.

This is not an excuse for apathy.  For the apathetic being would just dismiss it and never think of it again.  It has weighed heavy on you, but you would never allow it again, and so it has served its purpose.

I thank you for speaking, for growing.  Unfortunately there are beings, not necessarily new—middle aged or old.  All can choose.  And they can choose to not grow.  This is a state of no growth.  They can look in the other direction and choose never to speak what they know is their truth.  They will say:  allow all to be.  There are times when a being is screaming out loud:  pay attention, certain things are occurring, and to put a voice to them.  Remember that you’ve been told that all the tools of the physical body—voice, eyesight, hearing, hands, touch, bodies, breathing, eating, sensing, smelling, laughter—are all for learning.  You might think the greatest of these are the voice, but all are of equal importance.  So whether you’ve come in to learn about abuse—receiving, giving, taking, being present—use the physical tools that you have to express your truth, what you believe to be right.  Understand that some will believe completely against what you believe.  Make your noises, speak your truth.  Enough my blessed child.  These are very intense words.  Know you are not alone.  I will allow the other to speak; I hope your receivers received.


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  1. Jennifer May 13, 2011 at 9:48 am - Reply

    Dear Guides,
    Thank you for your heart felt wisdom in the past, I found your words extremely helpful! I have some questions that I would like to ask. My Dad was recently in critical condition and I went to see him. It seemed like he was trying to say something to me but he couldn’t speak. I felt into it and I was having trouble discerning what he was trying to say. Do you know what he was trying to say? I also wanted to know did I have a healing affect?

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