A circle within a circle

A long time ago we asked one of the guides that spoke through Jane to talk about the origin of the universe. We asked:  What created the original energy?  What sparked it?  The answer was the first time we heard a reference to circles within circles.


This was the guide’s response

We find this theory, I believe it is called the “big bang”, quite amusing.  It is as if someone popped a balloon—but where did the balloon or the pin come from? You wish to know of the beginning, yes?  Yes, even for me that goes a long way back.  Ah, there’s a lovely work that says, “In the beginning, God created….”  But I’m not going to tell you a story.

There is an energy force.  It has no beginning.  It has no end.  There is a symbol—a circle within a circle.  This is the symbol of the universe.  This is the symbol of God.  This is the symbol of the Light.  It is without form.  It is without void.  I know this is a difficult thing for you to understand in your physical dimension—you have grey matter within your skulls that does complicate things.

Listen with your heart, your soul, your energy.  And you’ll know that the energy flows through you.  From whence it goes out to where you do not know.  There are many different dimensions in this continuous circle.

I will tell you one thing that may help you:  There is a balance in all things.  Look around you.  In your physical dimension there is balance, in your vibrational dimension there is balance.  For those that leave your dimension, there are those that must come in.  There almost always must be completeness—no vacuum.  Large gaps must be filled.

It is a beautiful planet.  Do not worry.  It shall survive.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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