A child torn between two dysfunctional parents

Dianne asks about her nine year old granddaughter who is torn between two dysfunctioinal parents.  Dianne writes, “She is in crisis.We have raised her for most her little life.Our son now is in a relashionship with a woman who is controlling and dishonest. They do not want us in our granddaughters life. The mother wants to put the child on medication to control her behaviour. How can we help her? How do we surround her with angels that  will proctect her?”

It is true that the child does not have a problem; the parents do.  So why would you address the child when it is the parents that need the addressing and the attention?  I know what she speaks of.  I feel for her situation and I want her to keep being noisy, to speak as often as she can to those that she can.  I know she understands that she cannot be responsible for the paths of the parents, nor of the child.  But this is her heart that she speaks of for she knows of this pain.  She feels partly responsible for this pain but there are many choices that a being makes on a path and this is what has created this.

Seek help, my dear Dianne.  Seek help from the highest and it shall be there for you.  And seek help from those that can help in your physical world.  Go to those that want to make choices for the child, not only the parents but others.  Be visible.  Be seen.  You will be heard.  And in time the child will be radiant.

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  1. Almandine July 22, 2010 at 1:24 pm - Reply

    Are we meant to be polygamous or to have just one person we share our lives with? And why do men have roving eyes and cheat more than women? Is it a biological thing, or is it the society we live in that has conditioned their egos to make them do these things?

    Thanks, love this blog.

  2. D July 27, 2010 at 9:25 am - Reply

    Why do I cry when I’m alone lately…I thought I connected the crying to feeling for my Dad’s tragic past. I’m not sure what to make from it – a crying spell has happened before and I changed my choices and it stopped happening – I’m not sure what to change this time or if I really am just crying for my Dad? I’ve made steps to work through that with him and I’m still crying. Patience? I want to follow my inner truth and I feel there is a message here for me…any insight? Thank you so much. Love, D.

  3. robert December 23, 2022 at 4:37 am - Reply

    stop crying please stop crying only baby cry ALL the time move on grow up.ill cry when i die ,but not all my living years bob

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