Do the guides of spirit occupy the same space as recently depicted in the film Gravity?

There is a lot of space, but it is very full.  You are limited by eyes.  You do not know what is in all of that space.  You don’t even know of the space in the atom. You don’t know of the space in between the cells in your body. That is God, Mother Energy.  It is all part of one great, amazing being.  It is not even possible to understand the whole of it, the magnificence of it; to think of yourself as tiny, tiny small in a huge, massive being.

So, are we like a little cell of the divine energy?

You see, even in your language you are going to limit yourself.

Yes, so it can’t really be understood by the conscious mind?

Not big, not small.

Interesting, I want to refer to Carl Sagan.  He was amazing with this information and how he was able to come across.

Yes, and his whole life he thought he was a nerd.  He is a wonderful being.  He was fascinated by everything and that is how each of you are, fascinated. Can you see.…a rock, a cell, but they all have a whole lot in common.  And that what is in common is what makes you all so frustrated because you don’t know what it is.

How interesting, all of the levels of vibration what makes it what it is.